A moment to relax…

After having been interrogated to the bone marrow for a babysitting job interview, which drained me to the core, I am glad to just sit here and admire the beauty of the outside world!
Penetrating the slits of the blinds the array of yellow, golden browns is infinite; the amazing red leafed tree is now naked though! She was totally stripped from one day to the next, but doesn’t seem a bit concerned about it as she stands there proudly in her bareness. A few shriveled leaves hanging on for dear life on the tips of some branches are still displaying their flashy colours like ornaments on a Christmas tree…
Three fluffy white clouds hover above closer to the skyscrapers of Metrotown where everyone scurries around in their shopping sprees.
The only sound is that of the occasional passing car which awakens me to the reality of where I am…time to go for a nature fix!



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