The cumulus of dysfunctionality!

She agreed to have her poems published in a poetry Anthology, paid a reasonable amount for each poem & received a lovely poetry book in return for each poem; 5 poems = 5 books, and is really proud of her accomplishment!

During a conversation with her elderly father about a new scamming attempt on her person, she is told by him that she’s already been ripped off and had to pay lots of money over a long period for that fraud! Upon further exploration, she realizes that he’s referring to the poetry books…




Filed under Prose

2 responses to “The cumulus of dysfunctionality!

  1. Filipe

    Nice blog mom!

    I’m not sure if people will care to read about your personal life problems.

    • Thanks Son! Whatever happens, happens…shall I talk about getting all bloodied up for Halloween? That’s what your generation seems to be focusing on at the moment – am not interested!Each person has their own interests and there are millions of people in the world & certainly some of them have common issues,,,Beijaricoons

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