Dance with me…

At the half empty hall with fifteen senior men and women, the middle-aged woman with the Monet dress sat at a long table with her senior dad. There were three other long tables where the other seniors sat scattered  in small groups…

As soon as the music started the senior dad got up to do his line dancing routine; he was the only one on the dance floor, but minutes later a senior couple got up to dance… The senior dad, who really prizes his dancing talent, is obviously looking aged; his posture is now slightly curvaceous and his movements not as fluent as they used to be… After his line dancing act, senior dad invited miss senior teenage-figure for a duo; they swayed away exhibiting their talent! Within minutes, the white haired & bearded intellectual looking older man sitting at the table behind the middle-aged woman with the Monet dress, asked her to dance. She replied that she doesn’t have a knack for dancing and a short dialogue started; the intellectual looking man explained how that music should be danced and went into rhythm, beat, etc…he invited her again to try, but she explained that she just cannot follow music and presented some of the examples from past experiences such as the time when a dance teacher grabbed her to dance and she felt like a tall tree about to lose it’s balance and fall on top of the teacher…scary! The intellectual looking man then started to point out which people were following the music properly and eventually got to the senior dad & miss senior teenage-figure couple…he went on to point out that the woman dances very well, but the man doesn’t… the woman with the Monet dress just listened, but she did notice that the senior dad’s posture is not what it used to – darned aging process! Dance with me:<br /><br /><br />
Photo borrowed from the NET

Dance with me: Photo borrowed from the NET

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