Can women and men be true friends?


Over the last decade I’ve had three male friends; the first one (the love of my life) received special benefits galore! Eventually another male friend (FBF) emerged; he was new in town, seemed to be a really nice person, and according to some of the locals was very interested in me. I, on the other hand, really liked him as a person and thought I had a true friend…our relationship lasted around three years. At this point he had reconnected with an old girlfriend from forty years ago, which I thought was fantastic and at the same time gave me hope for the future. Well, after this new episode in his life he totally stopped communicating with me; no more texts, e-mails or coffee get-togethers, and after a few attempts on my part I gave up! I must admit I felt rejected and hurt! By this time I no longer had my number one friend who after our eight year relationship decided to go climb up another walnut tree!

I persevered and went online searching for my soul mate; I believe that everyone has a better half! Eventually I met BB whom I once again really liked as a human being, but felt no sparks for…he told me several times that he really liked me, but I didn’t feel an intense emotional connection; we’ve kept in touch for the last three months and gave each other emotional support PRN. Two weeks ago he told about this old friend he had reencountered and about his plans to go live with her in another town…I was happy for him, but from then on I haven’t even been deserving of receiving an answer to my text messages; another blow on the face! I’m living 5000kms away from him, why can’t he just respond to my innocent text messages? Why can’t a friendship continue? I am extremely hurt BB!!

I am now searching for my TRUE gay male friend!


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