Tonite I met an Angel in disguise

Using the Vancouver Skytrain isn’t the simplest task in town; being near-sighted can certainly make it nearly impossible! Most stations have no one we can ask for guidance…

I’m not a frequent user and that compounds the problem; tonight was one of those nights…I looked at the map/plan and couldn’t even figure out which station I was at; after peering intensely at the other side and squinting my eyes to the maximum I was able to figure out the stop name, but where in the heckle peckle was it on the map? After realizing that I’d be there till morning, I decided to go ask the young woman with the luscious mane of blondish hair…”excuse me Miss, do you know if this is the right way to Metrotown?’. The “not so young lady” tried to help me figure it out and we both approached the map, but to no avail, we couldn’t really figure out the best way!

It was at that precise moment that the beautiful young damsel who had overheard us said, “it’s ok, I’m going there, you can come with me!”…I thanked her profusely and followed my angel!

Everything about her was sweet; her eyes were stunning and compassionate, the voice was warm and kind, she was serene, friendly and just waited patiently for slow poke me to follow her path.

We conversed during the ten or so stops of our journey together and covered every topic from the difficulties of job hunting (which also affects youngsters with degrees), the importance of family, language tutoring and so on…this young woman is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside – everyone needs an angel!


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