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The midlife SOULMATE search



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Deep down inside their soul most people feel a need to find their perfect mate; especially after the reproductive years when most individuals are no longer guided by hormones/lust!

I truly believe that there’s an ideal partner for every human; someone with common, values, morals, goals, interests, life experiences, etc.

Searching, in my opinion, is the key element; even though some people are fortunate enough to find that special someone during their hormonal phase of life, without having put much effort into it…the youthful years are much more “partner-finding” friendly!

In today’s virtual society the romance sites offer an interesting system of selecting potential partners, but it can be a very long, frustrating journey to separate the weeds from the wheat…of the many prospects available half are scammers or males seeking adventure; this from a female point of view.

Being persistent is also important, we cannot give up after a few tries! Prudence is imperative in this virtual jungle where many predators are out to seduce easy prey with the mere intention of financial benefit!

Would you like to share your experience? Please feel free to do so…

Happy searching to all.


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She’s trying to blow me up!

This may sound paranoid, but I truly believe she’s up to no good…I’m trying so hard not to fall into temptation, stay out of the house till nightfall, do only what is healthy, etc.

At the end of the day I go back home, kind of famished, and these foodie whiffs permeate my nostrils…I slowly go upstairs, grab a bowl of salad from the fridge, move over to the counter to spice up my veggies and I feel a presence…

To my left I can hear a very faint “psssst” coming from the stove…I look…there’s a tray full of shiny, flaky matter…the “psssst” persists…I go closer…from within the tray aromatic fumes hit me straight in the olfactory nerves like laser beams…I surrender…”oh no, I can’t resist this sinful spinach pie”!

Two seconds later I’m going downstairs with two square sins and a container of salad…shhh! I’m going upstairs fore more!


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Why do some people (especially women) speak with such egotistical conceitedness that it sounds as though they swallowed a rubber ducky? I can’t stand it! There are six people and only 1 voice is audible…

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Textures, forms & colours

Textures, forms & colours

A slight quiver of the flesh,
colours merging into each other
emotions turned to mesh,
will they ever find one another?
Years of passion & distress,
palpitations and a flutter…
sow your seed on this dress;
churn me into butter!

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January 17, 2014 · 7:39 am

Adult Male: Not a Serial Killer, Looking for Love

This may be your soul mate!

Nonlinear Navigations: Poetry and Prose

I’m a complex person, but
here goes
I promise
I’m not a serial killer.
I’m an introspective social
chameleon. I love
the good life. The screeching roar
of jet engines makes me
giddy. I’m happier
than I’ve ever been. I’m ravenous
for life and have razor-sharp teeth
at the plate. I am an open
book with sticky pages
and a good
read. I’m 99 pounds
of pure
dynamite. Adult

This is a found text poem using the first lines from men’s online dating profiles. The line breaks are mine, the text is copied directly from the profiles.


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