She’s trying to blow me up!

This may sound paranoid, but I truly believe she’s up to no good…I’m trying so hard not to fall into temptation, stay out of the house till nightfall, do only what is healthy, etc.

At the end of the day I go back home, kind of famished, and these foodie whiffs permeate my nostrils…I slowly go upstairs, grab a bowl of salad from the fridge, move over to the counter to spice up my veggies and I feel a presence…

To my left I can hear a very faint “psssst” coming from the stove…I look…there’s a tray full of shiny, flaky matter…the “psssst” persists…I go closer…from within the tray aromatic fumes hit me straight in the olfactory nerves like laser beams…I surrender…”oh no, I can’t resist this sinful spinach pie”!

Two seconds later I’m going downstairs with two square sins and a container of salad…shhh! I’m going upstairs fore more!



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