The midlife SOULMATE search



Image borrowed from the net

Deep down inside their soul most people feel a need to find their perfect mate; especially after the reproductive years when most individuals are no longer guided by hormones/lust!

I truly believe that there’s an ideal partner for every human; someone with common, values, morals, goals, interests, life experiences, etc.

Searching, in my opinion, is the key element; even though some people are fortunate enough to find that special someone during their hormonal phase of life, without having put much effort into it…the youthful years are much more “partner-finding” friendly!

In today’s virtual society the romance sites offer an interesting system of selecting potential partners, but it can be a very long, frustrating journey to separate the weeds from the wheat…of the many prospects available half are scammers or males seeking adventure; this from a female point of view.

Being persistent is also important, we cannot give up after a few tries! Prudence is imperative in this virtual jungle where many predators are out to seduce easy prey with the mere intention of financial benefit!

Would you like to share your experience? Please feel free to do so…

Happy searching to all.


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