Talking at the library

I know it’s not the best thing to do, but in the library where I am everyone is talking!

I sat at the middle table, because I couldn’t get internet at one of the desks, and received a phone call. I answered and responded occasionally to the caller…then Mr. Asshole arrived with his partner and went to the computer in front of me (about 3 meters away) I noticed him staring at me several times and he certainly wasn’t trying to pick me up, so I realized he was being disturbed by my voice (I tried to talk low, but maybe  I suffer from hyperdecibellia)…

One meter to his left were 2 youngsters constantly talking, this didn’t bother him, they’re kids so the noise is innocuous! To my left, about 7 meters from HIM was a father with a young child – all kinds of noise…

From the front desk all conversations were audible where I sat and he heard them just as well as me, but he had to come over and TELL me to stop with the Skype or whatever I was doing!

He really made me sick! I told him I was talking low and he must have noticed my scared look of when I’m being confronted…

I still think he was an ASSHOLE and feel like making this story visible to him…

Had I been young and beautiful would the jerk have told me to be quiet?

He really made me sick! I hope he gets erectile dysfunction right away!

When I was ready to leave the library I chatted with the librarian and he confirmed what I wasnt 100% certain about; we are allowed to speak on the cell phone in the library as long as we aren`t being LOUD.


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