The bullies; forty years later

It must have been around the mid 70’s! She was a shy teenager; new at that High School in Windsor! Geography class was more like a zoo than anything else; the meek male teacher simply couldn’t handle all those wild animals!

One morning, when class was starting, a bunch of guys was standing around and paying absolutely no attention to the emaciated teacher who tried to get everyone to sit down. Two of the guys were twin brothers who went around from pupil to pupil asking, “How many grams?” The shy new student couldn’t believe her ears, “could they actually be taking drug orders?”, she thought to  herself.

This savage behaviour persisted while the teacher tried to do his duty.

The twins were short, skinny and ratty looking teens who thought they were IT, especially the one who called himself Moose! As the “How many grams? “ritual proceeded, Moose picked on the shy teenager…she gathered all her courage and said, “shut up mouse!”

Moose just swallowed his pride and responded, “the name’s Moose!”, while the other kids cracked up!

The shy student was so proud of herself for having stood up to that little conceited brat that she still brags about it forty years later!


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