A cat’s confessions…



As I sat there comfortably rolled up on our futon I heard the door open and started getting ready for you to caress me; soon I felt a hand run through my spine…yum, was that ever nice…I looked up to thank you with a smile, but holy terror it was an intruder…yaicks!! I hissed and hissed to make her stop, and ran off to our bedroom to hide!

While I hid in our bed I could hear her raiding your stuff mom; first it was the table, then off to the fridge…I swear, she just wouldn`t stop! I could hear her mutter to herself, “oh what a delicious salad, this sandwich is heavenly…it just went on and on!”

After several hours I had to go for a pee; I think she saw me, so I snuck back into our little nest mom. The biggest horror of the evening was when she suddenly barged into the room, trapped me under the blankets and stabbed me with something; I just wanted to bite her! I hissed and hissed till she finally went back to her eating rampage…

In the morning she attacked me again; my hissing didn`t seem to be enough to discourage her, but I kept on trying anyway! Even though she was mean to me, she filled my water bowl with fresh water, my plate with those delicious kernels you always give me and even added Metamucil – I was impressed! After a while she left and it felt like home again…

At night, while I was picturing myself eating those cute little sparrows that invade our balcony all the time, there she was again, but this time I knew better and hid under the couch before she could see me…low and behold, within seconds her scruffy hand was pulling my cosy leopard nest from underneath the futon – help!!!

Once more I was attacked by that mortal…how could I teach her once and for all that she had no business being here? I couldn`t come up with a solution, so I hid again!

During the night I felt kind of lonely and decided to jump onto our bed…the smell was different; oh no, it`s her again! This made me angry so I placed my butt against her head, but she had the nerve to get up and close the bedroom door after I ran off!

Same story, different day! By the evening I started to realize that I actually like this person…she gently caressed my back all the way from the nape of the neck to my tail junction, sending shivers up my spine; you never did that to me mom!! It felt wonderful, it was so amazing that I actually rubbed myself on her thigh so she wouldn`t stop…

We became friends and I want her here; she treats me like royalty and I deserve it! Can you imagine! she even took photographs of me; when was the last time you did that mom?

Mom, you’ll never believe this! She cleaned my ear canals; no, there were no Q-tips, just her delicate fingers and some toilet paper…she’s my hero!




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