The studious creature…

It was an early spring morning and the lady with the green skirt decided to get up and start working on her never-ending chemical translation. After having voided, washed her face and pearly smile, the lady with the green skirt returned to the computer to start working. She had been up till late the previous night and left all the dictionaries open on the worktable.

As she pulled back the blue chair, loaded with clothes which she hadn’t bothered to put away, she spotted a huge brown object on top of the dictionary. Upon close inspection (the lady with the green skirt was very nearsighted), the poor woman let out a major scream of terror – her cat Panda jumped up from the cosy little corner where she had been sleeping.

The horrible looking, studious brown creature was staring closely at the woman, while taking purposeful, slow backward steps. Suddenly the lady mumbled to herself, “How dare this creepy creature invade my territory!” At the same time the studious being on the dictionary, thought, “Why on earth is she up so early this morning? I have the right to an education and she’s not supposed to catch me in the act! I’ll have to sting the old bat!”

The woman with the green skirt gathered all of her courage, slipped her fingers under the right side of the book, and SLAM!! The book was closed shut, but on its upper aspect she could see a dark gap in between the pages…to be continued

Ten years later that dictionary remains untouched…what could be trapped inside the book of knowledge?


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