I was cute and young, but was suddenly struck by diarrhea…my owners did nothing to help me and as the days went by my rectum started to protrude outward! The diarrhea persisted so one day I was simply thrown out and left on my own dying…

My rescuer was going home by bike one winter day when she suddenly spotted me sitting on the old grey wall of the river’s margin…she approached and noticed the redness against my grey fur; she thought I had been struck by a car. Upon closer inspection she noticed my rectum hanging out, I also smelled horrible and was dirty with diarrhoea…she fumbled in her bag and took out some plastic bags…without ANY resistance on my part I was triple bagged and kept as immobile as possible while my rescuer walked her bilke back to her modest home.

She was angry that someone had let me get to this point and simply abandoned me! How can people be so cruel she asked herself over and over again.

Once at home she soaked me in warm medicinal water and had to put a cover on the bin as I was horrified and wanted to jump out…my body oozed reddish stuff, some sort of powder…the stench persisted! She was unemployed and couldn’t pay a vet, so she tried to treat me at home.

Every day I was submitted to these treatments, at least once…after the soak I was wrapped up in a towel, plastic bagged and given some human love…

Later I’d go into a covered bin so I could rest & recover…as the nice days came along I was allowed outside, but my rescuer was worried about me ripping my rectum as I was becoming too adventurous, the flies were also becoming a pest…I had to stay inside a big cage with fine netting so the flies wouldn’t pester me…I meowed wildly in protest! My rectum seemed less swollen but insisted on staying outside my body…

One day, after seeking help in many animal forums, my rescuer and her family got together and took me to the vet…he tried to fix me up without operating…all was beautiful, but 2 weeks later everything was back out again! Even though it didn’t bother me my rescuer was in emotional agony…all that money and the problem unresolved.

Within a week we had to go back to the vet and he operated…I stayed almost 2 weeks at the clinic and made it…the family had already spent 1000 dollars on me, but I made it! I’ve never been super healthy, but I became a fairly large beautiful cat…I was given boiled fish instead of kibble – loved it too!

My right eye has always been diseased, no treatment worked…I also have nasal issues and produce tons of snot…I miss my rescuer, but she’ll be here soon!


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