For her it was “like” at first sight! Even though she’d been hoping to meet a tall blond man after her total “encrushment” for GD, who only wanted to “do” her, Camenta immediately liked this short balding, bearded man! He was the tour guide at the local historical event; they were visiting the winery and the fumes must have intoxicated her. He was smart, astute, charismatic and obviously well respected by everyone who knew him…what an impressive little man!

The following week  as Camenta walked home from work, feeling quite tired, Mr. Charisma passed by and offered her a lift which she gladly accepted; they had a very polite exchange and once again he proved to be a total gentleman…as the conversation ended he mentioned that he was free!

Camenta found out that Mr. Charisma was responsible for the literary soirees and started attending them, that night he gave her a lift home, and lift after lift Camenta’s mind drifted into “love” mode…”he really is a nice person”, she thought dreamingly!

During the weekends Camenta would purposely go to the coffee shop where she knew he went in the morning to buy his newspaper…her heart pounded so hard that it almost stopped as she detected his slightly hyper gait from a distance. Then she’d focus nervously on the newspaper till he came over to say hello!

After many lifts to different events with Mr. Charisma, he brought her home one Saturday evening…during the night she awoke to open the door and there he was telling her how much he’d missed her; they hugged fervently and Camenta invited him to lie down on her bed where the embracing  continued, and she could feel the softness of his beard again. Camenta couldn’t believe that she was finally in his arms and wondered if she was dreaming, but reality hit when she saw his silky greenish jacket on the chair! After a nightlong cuddle, Camenta woke up alone, but a feeling of total fulfilment and bliss invaded her soul…one of the happiest days of her life!


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