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Another breed of cat! After careful planning she got up early and was off to meet her friend; always making sure her Cat’s eye was visible to all passers-by…a bit of a show-off she was!

The journey to the meeting place was uneventful and upon arriving the other party wasn’t yet there, giving her time to look around and purchase a few items.

Once finished she stood at the door “busier than a one-eyed cat watching two mouse holes”; soon her blue coated friend arrived, went to purchase her goods and it was time for the cat and mouse game.

Finally she let the cat out of the bag, and the second party pulled out the mouse! Ooops, careful so that they don’t see each other and start a cat &mouse chase!


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Age: 56y.o.

Gender: F

4AM Awake – insomnia!

5AM – hygiene care

7AM – breakfast 2 home

7:30AM – left for MacDonald’s (20 min walk)

8:15 – paid for a senior coffee at MacDonald’s (no questions asked)

8:25 – feeling tired & OLD!

8:33 – sipping my SENIOR coffee!

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As the middle aged woman walked calmly along the sidewalk with her short-leashed little white Scotty, the very elderly Asian woman, with a masculine voice, tugged sternly at the two year old child pulling him behind her; they both looked terrified, but the baby packed on the elderly woman’s back just seemed to be away in lalaland!

As a spectator, it seemed as though the elder had seen a famished lion with jaws open in a prey devouring roar!
Why teach children to be petrified of every dog?

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