Dear little sister!

I shed tears of sadness for the life that you were prematurely robbed of; you were so happy in your little home! How could a GOD do this? All the pain you went through just because of a monstrous disease that takes over the human body & soul…I have lost faith in life! All the things we thought were RIGHT have now become a big doubt …

Why take the young and strong, leaving behind the frail elderly parents who will never again live one moment of true happiness?

I will never understand the cruelties of life, especially when enforced upon someone who did everything to LIVE!

I (we) love you MaMOna! Please pass by in my dreams; would love to see you!


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One response to “#LosingAyoungerSibling#Mourning

  1. newresolution4life

    My beautiful Tia, how we miss you 😦

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