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Why is it paracetamol in Europe & acetaminophen in N. America?

Beats pill, il nuovo paracetamolo.

So, after having read the above article I was brought back to my 20 year quest to resolve this mystery; why is it paracetamol in Europe & acetaminophen in N. America? This is the active ingredient in the world renown Tylenol…I never did understand why the same active ingredient goes by different names in different countries…it was during  a pharmaceutical translation that I figured this out!

Why should the pharmaceutical industry play around with our neurons like this? It’s bad enough that we have to learn different languages, adapt to different electrical sockets and plugs, figure out which cable is appropriate for our laptop/cell phone, etc, try to understand how clothing/footwear sizes in other countries compare to the method used in our homeland, calculate kgs, mms to lbs & inches…holy terror, my neurons are short-circuiting already!

If you have the answer to this mystery, please drop me a line.


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