Was up till 1AM closing up a hole in the attic wall!

As I sat at the table to soak my feet in warm water and do some internetting, I was rudely interrupted by high heeled speed runners in my attic! “Holy cow, the rodents are back!”, was my immediate thought; it makes good sense, after the first heavy rainfall of the year the invaders are seeking warmer quarters! I had already seen a plastic bag pulled into the damaged wall = nesting material…

Well, my ME time was over & off I went to make a bucket of concrete mix, but I put too much water and it took forever to get a decent consistency…after getting the mix semi-decent off I went to the attic with a couple of cans, a piece of tin & the bucket. Being crouched in that low-roofed corner isn´t too easy for a stiff jointed middle aged girl, but the task had to be carried out & so it was. Every time I went outside I could hear the nearby branches rustle, the rodents squeaking and the autumn leaves falling; sounded a bit like a horror movie!

So, the hole got filled in and I´ll need to do the finishing touches tonite, and look for more holes to fill in…


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