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The best representation of true friendship!
(Please click on the link below to see the 2 animals)

This dog, Adolfo, was adopted by my sister who wanted to help me after I rescued his mother Mapeta who had been abandoned in my neighborhood!

The cat, Esperacinha is one of the 2 survivors from a litter of 4 kittens thrown in the garbage container in my village! It was a cold winter night when I discovered the horror scene in front of my local Church…they were only about 2 weeks old and totally dependent on their mother – I took up that role and saved only 2 of them! The poor little animals had been taken from the garbage by a passer-by who heard their pleas for help; she left them in a cardboard box on the ground, someone else came along and left them in front of the Church…many people had seen them there, but they all thought that the kitties were waiting for their mother who was probably inside the Church praying for a wealthier lifestyle!

This is how many animals are treated in my hometown; most people don’t give a damn!


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For her it was “like” at first sight! Even though she’d been hoping to meet a tall blond man after her total “encrushment” for GD, who only wanted to “do” her, Camenta immediately liked this short balding, bearded man! He was the tour guide at the local historical event; they were visiting the winery and the fumes must have intoxicated her. He was smart, astute, charismatic and obviously well respected by everyone who knew him…what an impressive little man!

The following week  as Camenta walked home from work, feeling quite tired, Mr. Charisma passed by and offered her a lift which she gladly accepted; they had a very polite exchange and once again he proved to be a total gentleman…as the conversation ended he mentioned that he was free!

Camenta found out that Mr. Charisma was responsible for the literary soirees and started attending them, that night he gave her a lift home, and lift after lift Camenta’s mind drifted into “love” mode…”he really is a nice person”, she thought dreamingly!

During the weekends Camenta would purposely go to the coffee shop where she knew he went in the morning to buy his newspaper…her heart pounded so hard that it almost stopped as she detected his slightly hyper gait from a distance. Then she’d focus nervously on the newspaper till he came over to say hello!

After many lifts to different events with Mr. Charisma, he brought her home one Saturday evening…during the night she awoke to open the door and there he was telling her how much he’d missed her; they hugged fervently and Camenta invited him to lie down on her bed where the embracing  continued, and she could feel the softness of his beard again. Camenta couldn’t believe that she was finally in his arms and wondered if she was dreaming, but reality hit when she saw his silky greenish jacket on the chair! After a nightlong cuddle, Camenta woke up alone, but a feeling of total fulfilment and bliss invaded her soul…one of the happiest days of her life!

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#WorkExploitation; do you think it is?

The middle aged woman with previous experience in the health and linguistic fields was unable to find work in Vancouver. After two and a half months of constant searching she was offered a trade-off deal where she’d care for an elderly person during weekends (Saturday & Sunday) in exchange for room and board. Later food was added because the weekday worker wanted to have holidays off & expected the weekend person to cover those days for her.

At first the elderly patient was abusive and wanted the weekend person to be constantly at her service, but after a couple of weeks the W/E woman made it clear that she could give a helping hand during the week, if needed, but her obligation was  only for the weekends; things got better!

The weekend worker feels ok with this arrangement, but some of her friends tell her that she’s being totally exploited! What do you think?

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I was cute and young, but was suddenly struck by diarrhea…my owners did nothing to help me and as the days went by my rectum started to protrude outward! The diarrhea persisted so one day I was simply thrown out and left on my own dying…

My rescuer was going home by bike one winter day when she suddenly spotted me sitting on the old grey wall of the river’s margin…she approached and noticed the redness against my grey fur; she thought I had been struck by a car. Upon closer inspection she noticed my rectum hanging out, I also smelled horrible and was dirty with diarrhoea…she fumbled in her bag and took out some plastic bags…without ANY resistance on my part I was triple bagged and kept as immobile as possible while my rescuer walked her bilke back to her modest home.

She was angry that someone had let me get to this point and simply abandoned me! How can people be so cruel she asked herself over and over again.

Once at home she soaked me in warm medicinal water and had to put a cover on the bin as I was horrified and wanted to jump out…my body oozed reddish stuff, some sort of powder…the stench persisted! She was unemployed and couldn’t pay a vet, so she tried to treat me at home.

Every day I was submitted to these treatments, at least once…after the soak I was wrapped up in a towel, plastic bagged and given some human love…

Later I’d go into a covered bin so I could rest & recover…as the nice days came along I was allowed outside, but my rescuer was worried about me ripping my rectum as I was becoming too adventurous, the flies were also becoming a pest…I had to stay inside a big cage with fine netting so the flies wouldn’t pester me…I meowed wildly in protest! My rectum seemed less swollen but insisted on staying outside my body…

One day, after seeking help in many animal forums, my rescuer and her family got together and took me to the vet…he tried to fix me up without operating…all was beautiful, but 2 weeks later everything was back out again! Even though it didn’t bother me my rescuer was in emotional agony…all that money and the problem unresolved.

Within a week we had to go back to the vet and he operated…I stayed almost 2 weeks at the clinic and made it…the family had already spent 1000 dollars on me, but I made it! I’ve never been super healthy, but I became a fairly large beautiful cat…I was given boiled fish instead of kibble – loved it too!

My right eye has always been diseased, no treatment worked…I also have nasal issues and produce tons of snot…I miss my rescuer, but she’ll be here soon!

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The studious creature…

It was an early spring morning and the lady with the green skirt decided to get up and start working on her never-ending chemical translation. After having voided, washed her face and pearly smile, the lady with the green skirt returned to the computer to start working. She had been up till late the previous night and left all the dictionaries open on the worktable.

As she pulled back the blue chair, loaded with clothes which she hadn’t bothered to put away, she spotted a huge brown object on top of the dictionary. Upon close inspection (the lady with the green skirt was very nearsighted), the poor woman let out a major scream of terror – her cat Panda jumped up from the cosy little corner where she had been sleeping.

The horrible looking, studious brown creature was staring closely at the woman, while taking purposeful, slow backward steps. Suddenly the lady mumbled to herself, “How dare this creepy creature invade my territory!” At the same time the studious being on the dictionary, thought, “Why on earth is she up so early this morning? I have the right to an education and she’s not supposed to catch me in the act! I’ll have to sting the old bat!”

The woman with the green skirt gathered all of her courage, slipped her fingers under the right side of the book, and SLAM!! The book was closed shut, but on its upper aspect she could see a dark gap in between the pages…to be continued

Ten years later that dictionary remains untouched…what could be trapped inside the book of knowledge?

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A cat’s confessions…



As I sat there comfortably rolled up on our futon I heard the door open and started getting ready for you to caress me; soon I felt a hand run through my spine…yum, was that ever nice…I looked up to thank you with a smile, but holy terror it was an intruder…yaicks!! I hissed and hissed to make her stop, and ran off to our bedroom to hide!

While I hid in our bed I could hear her raiding your stuff mom; first it was the table, then off to the fridge…I swear, she just wouldn`t stop! I could hear her mutter to herself, “oh what a delicious salad, this sandwich is heavenly…it just went on and on!”

After several hours I had to go for a pee; I think she saw me, so I snuck back into our little nest mom. The biggest horror of the evening was when she suddenly barged into the room, trapped me under the blankets and stabbed me with something; I just wanted to bite her! I hissed and hissed till she finally went back to her eating rampage…

In the morning she attacked me again; my hissing didn`t seem to be enough to discourage her, but I kept on trying anyway! Even though she was mean to me, she filled my water bowl with fresh water, my plate with those delicious kernels you always give me and even added Metamucil – I was impressed! After a while she left and it felt like home again…

At night, while I was picturing myself eating those cute little sparrows that invade our balcony all the time, there she was again, but this time I knew better and hid under the couch before she could see me…low and behold, within seconds her scruffy hand was pulling my cosy leopard nest from underneath the futon – help!!!

Once more I was attacked by that mortal…how could I teach her once and for all that she had no business being here? I couldn`t come up with a solution, so I hid again!

During the night I felt kind of lonely and decided to jump onto our bed…the smell was different; oh no, it`s her again! This made me angry so I placed my butt against her head, but she had the nerve to get up and close the bedroom door after I ran off!

Same story, different day! By the evening I started to realize that I actually like this person…she gently caressed my back all the way from the nape of the neck to my tail junction, sending shivers up my spine; you never did that to me mom!! It felt wonderful, it was so amazing that I actually rubbed myself on her thigh so she wouldn`t stop…

We became friends and I want her here; she treats me like royalty and I deserve it! Can you imagine! she even took photographs of me; when was the last time you did that mom?

Mom, you’ll never believe this! She cleaned my ear canals; no, there were no Q-tips, just her delicate fingers and some toilet paper…she’s my hero!



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Really! #LifeIsABitch!

Really! #LifeIsABitch!

Life really can be a bitch!
One day Mapeta passed over to the chicken yard and created a feathery pile; she secretly knew that the owner of the chickens didn’t like killing them, so Mapeta took it upon herself to help with the morbid task…

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March 7, 2014 · 1:13 am